Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing in the leaves

I've been sick all week & I've been trying to spend lots of time in my knitting chair (where both knitting and dozing are known to occur) and less time at the office chair!  So, I'm just going to share a couple of cute shots with you now & then hopefully later this week I'll feel up to a lengthier post.  We had a really fun excursion recently & I can't wait to post some shots.

A few days ago, the 6-year-old announced she was going out to rake the leaves.  Ranger went with her and before I knew it, he was out there barking and she was out there cracking up with laughter.  It turns out that Ranger went berserk over the rake and every time she tried to rake up leaves, he tried to get it and tackle it to the ground!

Of course, when you're 6, it's just too hard to resist throwing leaves all over your puppy, which just added fuel to Ranger's crazy-dog fire.

I don't think they managed to actually rake up any leaves, but those two did have a fun time!


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