Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Dude and the Chocolate Factory

"Walking to school in the mornings, Charlie could see great slabs of chocolate piled up high in the shop windows, and he would stop and stare and press his nose against the glass, his mouth watering like mad."
-from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, written by Roald Dahl

Earlier this week, Little Dude and I went on a behind-the-scenes tour of a local ice cream shop/chocolate shop.  I know what you're thinking - "whole foods for a whole week" and all.  I can only blame our local parks & recreation for luring me and my preschooler with the promise of chocolate!

This tour was for preschoolers only (and their favorite grown ups) and the kids had a chance to not only see the kitchen, storage area & all parts of the shop, but also got to put on their own little gloves and make some of their own confections.  Yummy treats like pretzels dipped in chocolate and then rolled around in sprinkles...

Also, gigantic marshmallows dipped in chocolate and again, rolled in sprinkles (the sprinkles were a must):

There were also Oreos dipped and rolled in, you guessed it.....sprinkles!  And also a little treat for all the grown ups on the tour.  It was a very yummy excursion!

And unlike Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who only takes a tiny nibble out of his special birthday chocolate bar each day, Little Dude and I took our yummy treats home and absolutely devoured them on the spot.


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