Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whole foods for a whole week - breakfast & lunch

I've been focusing this week on eating only whole foods & just saying "no" to the Western Diet.  I knew this would be difficult to do for breakfast.  I admit, I love pancakes and waffles and French toast!  But I also love oatmeal, so I've been eating lots of that instead.  One of my favorite oatmeal recipes comes from a book called The Kind Diet (see original Book Nook post here ).  It's basically rolled oats, walnuts, dates & apples, sweetened with maple syrup - it's so delicious!

DD & I always eat this oatmeal, but the rest of the Bach family prefers a more traditional oatmeal.  No problem, I say!  I use a great recipe from The New Best Recipe, a really great cookbook.  The recipe calls for steel-cut oats, a little butter, milk & water.  Simple, delicious & healthy.

Another favorite morning meal of mine is homemade granola - here is the original post with a link to the recipe.  When it's baking, your kitchen will smell wonderful!  I substitute the vegetable oil with olive oil and cut down the amount slightly - it makes it a little healthier and I can't tell the difference at all.  I love to eat mine with wild blueberries - yum.

You could enjoy the granola with milk, but I always thought it was better with almond milk.  Since store-bought almond milk has lots of ingredients that I can't pronounce, I'm going to try my granola with homemade almond milk this week.  There's a great, easy recipe that I've made before in Raw Food Made Easy.  If you're like me and feel guilty for throwing away all the almond pulp, you can just add some to your granola.

So, that brings us to lunch.  Lunch around here is not a very exciting meal, I'm afraid.  I usually don't cook anything (I need a break after cooking breakfast and dinner daily, right?).  So, it's been either leftovers or a salad for lunch all week.  But I do have a good salad recipe to share - it uses Boston lettuce, which is not a type that I normally buy.  But it's an easy salad to make and the vinaigrette dressing in the recipe is sooo good.  Here's the link.

So far, whole foods week has been very good.


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