Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Ranger

Our little tiny puppy is getting bigger (literally, he's now 100 lbs.), and a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Ranger's 1st birthday.  Since no birthday in the Bach house lasts for only one day, we celebrated on his birthday with just us, and then later that weekend, invited family (including his doggie cousins) over for a party.  Ranger loved every minute of it, and knew that something special, revolving around him, was going on.

For his birthday, each Bachster picked out a special present of their own to give the birthday puppy.  The girls both picked out huge bones, and Little Dude picked out a cute gecko toy.  Ranger also got a special treat of a big bowl full of hot dogs....all for him!

And for his party, we got two cakes: one for the humans in the group, and one very special cake that DH made for Ranger: hot dogs wrapped in bacon (the dog seriously loves hot dogs.  And bacon, for that matter).

Happy Birthday, hound dog!


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