Friday, June 29, 2012


Last week, DD turned 7!  Every birthday, we let the Birthday Bachster choose a fun activity to do on their special day.  And she wanted to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory and see the butterflies!

We all just love the Conservatory (see this post from another trip we took).  Just East of downtown Columbus, there are beautiful plants and gardens to explore.  But seeing the butterflies is always our #1 priority.  Usually we'll visit the butterflies, explore the rest of the Conservatory, and then have another visit with the butterflies.....which is exactly what we did this time!  It's not every day that you walk down lush paths with butterflies fluttering past in all directions.  It's a wonderful place to visit, especially on a birthday!

When we went back to see the butterflies a second time, they had just released more, and a friendly woman had one sitting on her hand.  She asked the Bachsters if they would like to hold it.......of course!

Happy 7th Birthday, my butterfly-loving Bachster!


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