Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {cookie dough}

I made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream earlier this summer for Little Dude's birthday, per his special request.  In fact, I also made chocolate and strawberry for his birthday, too.  Not only do birthdays last for more than one day in our family, but now we seem to be adding additional cakes (DD had 2, Little Dude had 3) and a variety of Mama's homeade ice cream to the mix (DD had 3 kinds and so did Little Dude).  Our oldest DD's birthday is later this week, and so far it looks like it will be a reasonable 2 cakes, 2 different ice creams.  It's the Bach way!

So for the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I used David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop (of course!).  The chocolate chip cookie dough recipe is very easy to make and it actually tastes like regular ol' cookie dough, minus the raw eggs.  I omitted the nuts because I wanted mine to taste as close to the Ben & Jerry's version (which was essential to my life through the 1990s) as possible.  I paired this "mix in" with the vanilla ice cream, Philadelphia style, which has no egg yolks in it, therefore it's a nice white color.  I chose this vanilla over the custard style vanilla in the book not only for the color, but also because the custard style is so rich it almost demands you eat it and enjoy it just as it is.  The Philadelphia style is a bit more laid back and just goes with the flow.

It was a great pairing and made a very yummy ice cream.  I would recommend eating it sooner rather than later (definitely not a problem around here) because a couple of days after Little Dude's party, it seemed like the cookie dough just wasn't its usual happy self.  It wasn't bad, but just not as fresh as the first serving.  So gobble it up right away (and in celebration of cookie dough and the 90s, eat it while you enjoy Friends and Seinfeld reruns.  Preferably on a Thursday night).

A note about the picture: I couldn't resist taking this shot, as I enjoyed this ice cream around the same time I was reading the book.  I'm sorry to say, but ice cream makes us fat (it's the carbs), but that doesn't stop me from making it (probably more than I should).  But I think you've got to give yourself little treats now & then and believe me, chocolate chip cookie dough is a very yummy treat.  Everything in moderation, right?! 


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