Thursday, September 6, 2012

Urban Farmhouse

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad in our community paper for Urban Farmhouse, a vintage/antique store in a little town not too far from ours.  Sadly, the ad was for the brick & mortar store's closing (the online store lives on).  Vintage goodies....on sale......we are so there.

So, yesterday, Little Dude and I hopped in the car for a little drive out in the country, to Thornville Ohio.  Here are a few pics from the shop.........

There were still lots of dishes left - I ended up getting a few neat pieces for some upcoming food photography:

I sort of regret not buying this old advertisement for canned peaches.  There was also a vintage French chocolate advertisement that I probably should have bought:

In addition to some food photography props, I also came home with a little wooden box to keep on our kitchen counter for the day's mail, as well as this neat little (although impractical) bracelet:

If you are in Central Ohio & love a good bargain on vintage goods, check out Urban Farmhouse (or online if you're not in the area).


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