Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baking & Thanking

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you & your family & loved ones all had a wonderful day!

DH and I decided to spend the day with both sides of the family this year, which makes for a very busy (but nice) day.  In preparation, I had planned on making 3 recipes, all new, to take to our Thanksgiving locales.  I'm happy to say that 2 out of 3 were great recipes....the third, not so much.  It was too embarrassing to take!

The first successful recipe (and I'm sorry I don't have any pics to share) was a from-scratch green bean casserole.  I'm sort of the designated green bean casserole person in our family, so I usually bring it to the feast.  But this year it occurred to me that you don't have to make it with canned soup (why it took me so long to figure this out, I don't know).  So I found, and made, this recipe, which absolutely rocks!  I'll never make green bean casserole the canned-soup way anymore.  It was soooo good & everyone loved it.  Many thanks, as always, Martha!

The second successful recipe was a pumpkin roll.  I love all things pumpkin, and pumpkin rolls are no exception.  But I don't think I've ever made one before.  Couldn't have been easier or any more delicious than it was.  Everyone gobbled it up at my DH's family get-together, and no one touched the pumpkin pie that was there!  Here is where I got the recipe.  Thanks, Libby!

I won't say who the culprit is that provided the "turkey" among my 3 Thanksgiving recipes, but let's just say that it was for pecan pie and that it's bound for the trash can.  Oh well, you can't win them all!

I've also been thinking about a few things that I'm thankful for.  Of course I am thankful for my family, and good health and happiness (not to mention food and shelter and yarn).  But there are a few other things that I've thought about recently that I'd like to share.  So, here goes:

I am thankful for.......

  • the fact that I don't have a raging case of poison ivy.  Very, very thankful for this!
  • the fact that you never stop learning.  I feel like I've been learning and growing a lot lately.  Thank goodness you CAN teach an old dog (and 30-something SAHM) new tricks!
  • friendly Autumn Meadowhawk dragonflies that will land right on your arm and entertain you & your kids for hours on warm days in November:

  • any time the kitchen sink is empty
  • any time the park's recycling bin is full (yay for recyclers)
  • all the pages of original artwork the Bachsters have created that are scattered all over our house.  They are wonderful!
  • that my DH works so hard so that I can stay home with the kids.  I am grateful for this every single day.
  • that there are no current leaks in the ceiling of the kitchen.  Also thankful that DH is so handy!
  • very thankful that we were not involved in the accident we drove by on the highway tonight
  • - I'm on there almost every day!

On this Thanksgiving, what are some things that you are Thankful for?


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