Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Nook - The Art of the Snowflake

The Art of the Snowflake by Kenneth Libbrecht is a beautiful coffee-table book that showcases up-close snowflake photography.  The author shares with us his photo-microscope set-up, notes from some of his wintry trips and images of different forms snowflakes take on.  But the real showcase here is the multitude of gorgeous snowflake photographs the author has amassed.  Each is unique (of course!), complex, delicate and totally fleeting.  The author has really perfected his technique & his (assumed) preferred style is to photograph the snowflake with a bit of colorful light to the side, which gives each image depth and shading.  As you flip through the book, you'll find a new favorite on every page, each one is its very own masterpiece.

I love quotes, and there are a few meaningful ones scattered among the pages.  It's a nice touch to the book.

It's really amazing to think that millions of these tiny flakes fall & almost always go unnoticed as individuals.  I'm so glad that the author has put together this collection so that we can appreciate these tiny, frozen gems.


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