Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knitting - Past, Present & Future

I haven't posted much about my knitting lately & one of the reasons for that is I've been in a knitting rut.  But in the last couple of days, I've been motivated to pick up the needles again & plow through some of my projects.

First, I wanted to share a project from the past.  I've been working on updating my Ravelry project page.  There are a bunch of finished projects that I want to post on my project page, but I just haven't put them on yet.  One of the reasons for this is that, for some crazy reason, I never photographed my Finished Objects in my early days of knitting.  I used to think that there was no reason to photograph them, they would always be hanging around the house, right?  Well, I've since come to my senses and now I photograph everything, usually over the course of 2 or 3 photoshoots!  I've gone from one extreme to the other!  But I now know that FOs get lost, or they are gifted to someone, or they look ragged over time.  So, now I'm prone to over-photographing them.

Anyway, I've been meaning to add this little ladybug hat to my Ravelry page &  I finally did so today.  I made the hat in 2008 (I think.....I'm having a hard time remembering that exactly - nowadays, I take better project notes, too) for my daughter's birthday.  I've always loved the look of it & my DD loves it, too!  Here's the link to my project page if you're a Ravelry member, for more pics & notes.

Recently, I've had a project on the needles that has been there for a couple of months, just stagnating.  I realized that I would need to frog (knit speak for rip out) a great deal of work.  I was really procrastinating on frogging it, just to rebel against something that I really didn't want to do.  Finally I mustered up the courage and....made the Bach Girls rip it out for me!  Actually, they had a lot of fun doing it & it made the frogging less painful for me.

I'm happy to say that, despite the setback of the frogging, I'm back on track & making good progress! 

Finally, my future knitting project.  The yarn has been chosen (Cascade 220 - I love that yarn) and I've got it in balls, ready to go.  I've plotted my course of action.  I think the only thing that has been holding me back on this project is uncertainty about the colors (I couldn't figure out if those were just the right browns) but I think I've chosen the colors well & plan to cast on in the next couple of days.  I'm going to keep this one secret for a while, so I can't tell you any details, other than it's going to be so amazingly cool!  I can't wait to show you - and I will!!!  But for now, just a peek at the yarn:

I promise to keep you posted on all my knitting endeavors!


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