Sunday, May 22, 2011

My foray into juicing

I've been wanting to start eating healthier - more fruits & vegetables and less sugary sweets (I'm a real sweet tooth).  One thing that I've been reading about is juicing and how it is so great for your body.  So, I've recently tried my own homemade juices....and they are awesome!

My first juicing attempt was simply with organic carrots.  I really thought it would taste horrible, and when Little Dude tried some and said "blah," I figured it must be pretty yucky.  To my surprise, it was delicious!  Sweet and wholesome, just like a carrot but in juice form.

The next day, we tried a fruit juice concocted by our 7-year-old.  Apples, an orange, kiwi, mango, was so good!  I've also tried carrots with a granny smith apple - so sweet and yummy!  Today, I tried carrots and celery, which wasn't as tasty, but I'm not real keen on celery anyway.  Maybe if I throw in some other kinds of veggies along with the celery?  As tempting as it is to make fruit juice all the time, I really want to focus on veggie juices - my daily veggie intake could use some help!

Have you ever made homemade fruit or veggie juice?  If so, what is you favorite recipe? 


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