Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Nook - May is music & movies month - part 5

When I thought about making May a movies & music month, I thought about a few of my favorite CDs and a few favorite movies & figured I would split them up on the blog.  However, I didn't consider that there are actually 5 Mondays this May.  What to do with that last Monday?  Kid's choice, of course!

Microcosmos is one of our favorite movies, but this is coming from 3 Bachsters that love bugs and one Mama that loves to photograph bugs.  If you like insects, you'll love this movie.  There is hardly any dialogue in the film; rather, it shows up-close videography of insects in their habitats.  There is a rain scene, and it shows how bugs are affected by this force of nature (the ladybug being flung off a leaf is really cute).  Ants are shown sharing a drink of water from a raindrop.  There is a scene in which tons of caterpillars are marching to who-knows-where and they get in a traffic jam.  A hardworking dung beetle is forced to figure out how to get his dung-y treasure off a stick.

The first time the Bachsters watched this movie, there were shrieks and squeals of glee from the TV room.  I guess it's a good thing there's little dialogue, we would have missed it all anyway.  They were so charmed by seeing the insects, up close, in their own little world, that it was almost as fun watching the kids watch the movie as it was to watch the movie itself.

When I learned that Barenaked Ladies had a kids album out, I just had to check it out, as they are one of my favorite bands.  Snack Time by BNL does not disappoint.

After repeated listenings, I've determined that the band's songwriting strategy for this album went something like this: "ok guys, what are kids into?  I!  Great idea, let's elaborate on that theme.  Hmmmm.  I know....erasers!  Yes, great idea!  Let's write a song about erasers!"  There are also songs about hand-me-down coats, allergies & popcorn!  As trivial as these topics seem, they make for great songs for kids, and they all have awesome singability.

One of my faves (and a Bachsters favorite, too) is the song about 7-8-9 (or should I say 7 ate 9).  It's so clever, and it's classic BNL.  I just love these guys!  We also like the song about drawing - it's a very catchy tune.  The Bachsters all have many songs on the album that they like, and of course they know the number it is on the CD, so they can just request it by number (Mommy, can you please play number 10?).  You'll find yourself listening to this CD even without the kids, it's so good!

Do you have any movies &/or CDs that your kids love?  Please share!


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