Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Ranger, has been in our family for a little over a week now and I thought I would share some "baby" pictures with you!  It's funny, because when people tell you having a puppy is like having a baby - they're right!  We've been monitoring his eating schedule, sleeping schedule, potty schedule, play schedule, etc.  Phrases like "you need to sleep when he sleeps" and getting up at 3:00am to take care of him were common in his first few days at home.  And, just like a baby, after a while, he has found his own routine with everything.

This picture is from his very first day with us.  DH had just brought him home from the breeder's and we all sat down on the floor with him - he was so timid and uncertain of everything (boy, has that changed since then):

Before he adopted the area under our computer desk as his den, he fell asleep in the TV room, right on Little Dude's blanket (which he was so sweet to share with the puppy):

Here's a picture of Little Dude & Ranger playing in our backyard - this gives you an idea of his size.  He has grown a tremendous amount in the little time he's been here.  DH and I both commented that you can see the increase in his size just by looking at him.  Oh, he's going to be a big dog!

He loves to play outside (it's a good thing we got him in the summer - I'm not sure what to expect in the winter - will he want to be outside at all?).  He loves the Bachsters' slide & really wants to climb up to the top.  Based on his growth, that will be no problem for him one of these days!

The Bachsters have been finding old toys to share with him, which he loves.  We're working on getting him to not bite us or our clothes, to bite his toys instead.  I've read that all puppies like to nip, and Ranger is no exception, so we always make sure we're loaded up with lots of toys before we head out to play.  This little red-haired doll is one of his favorites:

We're so fortunate because he is such a quiet puppy (he never whines and only barks when he's super-excited about something, and even then, not always.  However, he does snore!), is a quick learner and, above all, he absolutely loves the Bachsters.  There are still things that we're working on, like house training & eliminating his occasional nipping, but overall, but that comes with having a puppy.  He's just wonderful.  Ranger, we're so happy you are part of our family!


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