Friday, August 19, 2011

Focus on photography week - FPC

Earlier this week, we were faced with the prospect of a cool, cloudy, rainy day (it ended up being sunny all day, but oh well).  What to do indoors on such a summer day?  We decided to head to the Franklin Park Conservatory, a gorgeous conservatory in Columbus.  There is so much to see there - they have different rooms with different themes (desert, tropical rain forest, an outdoor garden with bonsai trees).  But our favorite area of the conservatory has always been the butterfly room.  You walk through paved paths, among the waterfalls and lush tropical foliage, butterflies fluttering around you in every direction.  It's a magical place.

I don't think I'm capable of going to the FPC without my camera.  This visit, I let the Bachsters each take a turn with the camera, too.  In fact, after we had seen the entire conservatory, we all decided to go back to see the butterflies once more.  And I'm glad we did - I took this shot from a unique perspective on that second time through:

I love plant curlicues & can't resist taking their picture:

This beautiful butterfly was hanging around a plant right by the path, so I was able to go right up to him for a portrait:

We try to get to the conservatory at least once a year because it's just such a neat place.  Check out our pics from our last visit here.


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