Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {pumpkin}

The past few days here in Central Ohio have been cooler, the leaves have been putting all their efforts into falling and I'm starting to dig out my sweaters.  That can mean only one thing: time for pumpkin ice cream!

Actually, I think pumpkin ice cream is pretty perfect any time of the year, but for this ice cream making mama, it's a must in the Fall.  The wonderful David Lebovitz recommended the pumpkin ice cream recipe from The Craft of Baking, so that's the one I used. 

The ice cream turned out so good - but very spicy and distinctive!  There was no mistaking....this is pumpkin ice cream, not some orange-colored spicy ice cream you may buy in the store.  It really tasted like a "well spiced pumpkin pie" just as the recipe promised.  A scoop of this ice cream, topped with some whipped cream, and you would have yourself a nice pumpkin pie substitute.  Next time I might try the sundae recommended by the cookbook authors: pumpkin ice cream with spiced caramel sauce & gingerbread croutons.....yum!


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