Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hot air balloons

Hi readers,

This afternoon, the Bach Family went to the Grove City (Ohio) hot air balloon festival.  And we got there just in time - they were launching the balloons just as we were walking up!  We counted 11 of them at one point in time!

It was pretty neat to see so many balloons up close & personal.  A few went right overhead:

They also had tethered balloon rides, but apparently they ran out of vouchers about an hour into the festival.  I believe it too - the line was incredibly long.  So instead, we treated the Bachsters to giant cream puffs from Schmidt's, a Columbus classic!


You can see how huge & yummy these cream puffs are!  We just had ourselves a little cream puff picnic right there amongst all the hot air balloons.

Hope you're having a nice weekend too!

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