Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Winter Solstice

I know the official first day of Winter was a couple of days ago, but we just couldn't get to any fun activities to celebrate until today!  So, the Bach Family decided to celebrate our first (officially celebrated) Winter Solstice a couple of days late.

While I wanted to recognize the event, I also wanted to keep everything as simple & easy as possible.  We started our Solstice day by cutting out paper snowflakes and decorating the house with them:

Our house looks beautiful...but very snowy & cold!  We found a great website where you make your own online snowflake that you cut & design by clicking your computer mouse.  It's really cool - here's the link.  Of course, we also did some the old fashioned way!

After our morning craft, we went on a winter hike at Three Creeks Metro Park here in Columbus, OH.  It was a chilly day & there was still snow on the ground, but it wasn't too cold to keep us away.  I packed three big travel mugs with homemade hot chocolate - a definite must!  Here are a couple of pics of our excursion:

And finally, this evening we read a few Winter-related stories.  All of them were very sweet & perfect for our Wintery day.
Grandmother Winter
Lucia and the Light
The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

I'm glad we were able to take a little time during this crazy holiday season to slow down just a little and have some Solstice-y fun!


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