Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Nook - Really Funny Children's Books - part 1

I think every now and then, it's a good thing to read a really funny book, children's or adult.  There are a few children's books that come to mind when I think of which books for kids had me in stitches.  So the next couple of weeks, that's where the Book Nook focus will be.  I thought it would be a fun start to the New Year, book wise.

The first time I read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems, I was preggers with our second daughter.  Now, when I was preggers with all 3 Bachsters, I had some very nice hormones & anything that was funny to me under normal circumstances was amplified tenfold.  It was wonderful!!!!  So, I probably would have been laughing anyway when I first read this, but because I was pregnant, the first few readings had me in tears, literally.

In the story, the pigeon (who appears in several books by Mo Willems) finds a hot dog.  He keeps trying to eat it, but a little duckling interrupts him constantly with questions.  The pigeon gets frustrated & the duckling keeps going with the questions.  They finally reach an amicable agreement, one that involves condiments.

I still think the funniest part of this book is the pigeon's reaction to the duckling's question of "what do they taste like?"  He goes on waxing poetic about hot dogs while the duckling jots down notes.  "If you've never experienced the splendor of a hot dog, you should really..." - priceless! 

Over the years we've purchased this book a handful of times as gifts because it is so cute.  Kids love it, parents love it, hot dog connoisseurs love it.  And pregnant women everywhere love it. 

Do you have any favorite funny children's books?  Please share!

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