Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Bach Jewelry Designs

My 5-year-old daughter is quite a crafty person & recently she has added jewelry design to her ongoing list of creative endeavors.  I wanted to share some of her latest creations!

This is a pair of earrings she made out of heart shaped beads (she can't remember where she got them from), rubber bands, tape & dental flossers (she says the pointy ends are the part that goes in your ear lobe - ouch!):

Here is another set of earrings, these made out of fancy cocktail toothpicks & flower-shaped beads.  Again, she can't recall where she got the beads from!

Next in the collection is a beautiful ring.  Now, we both do remember where this bead came from: she found it on the floor at Anthropologie recently.  We asked the salesperson if it was alright if she kept it & she said yes.  Not only that, but she gave DD a cute little fabric bag to keep it in.  Wasn't that sweet!  Anyway, she put her found treasure to good use!

Next, we have a very interesting ring, made out of random beads & a safety pin.  As my DD explains, it's meant to be worn on your pinky finger, only halfway down.  I did mention she is 5, right?

The Spring 2011 Collection:

I just love how her mind works - she always comes up with the neatest stuff!  I'm so proud of my little jewelry designer, indeed!



  1. These are all gorgeous. I particularly love the punk rock flosser earrings.

  2. And she really wanted me to wear them, too! Ouch!