Saturday, January 29, 2011

Many Knitterly Things

It's been a while since I've written about anything knitting related & there have been many knitterly things happening around here!  Honestly, during the holidays it was pretty slow, but things have ramped back up and now I find myself with several projects OTN (on the needles) or at the front of the queue.  So, here's a little update!

The other day, I got a visit from the Brown-Truck Santa.  Oh, joy!

That wonderfully big box contained a great deal of wonderfully squishy yarn.  Here's the Cascade 220 - I absolutely love these colors together.  I used the 220 recently for the candy corn hats I did this Fall.  I really loved it - no wonder it's such a popular yarn.  Any guesses what these skeins are to become?

Here's the Cascade 128 - it's a bulky merino and it is soooo soft.  I'm super-excited about the project that this yarn is slotted for.  I've already cast on.  I love the earth tones & there are tons of great colors to choose from in the 128.  The only color I can't decide on is the sage green - I think it might be a tad too blue.  But then I'll look at it in different light & see it as more green.  It's really an intriguing color.  Cascade calls it smoke heather.

Next up is Debbie Bliss Como.  I was going to get this anyway, but then WEBS was having a Como closeout - yahoo!  This yarn is to become a scarf for me - the first thing I have ever knit for myself in 7 years of knitting.  I am so excited - it's so soft & thick.  It's been hard to wait to cast on.  I think the blue will look nice with my gray wool coat.  What do you think?

But there's been more going on around here than just yarn petting.  I've actually been using some of it!  Here's miles of seed stitch........

I've also had to turn those skeins into balls.  I like doing it the old fashioned way - it's so methodical and slow-paced.....kind of like me!  Here's a ball of the Cascade 128, in a beautiful forest green (my camera just couldn't capture this color well - it's a very deep, sophisticated green).  Technically, it's called olive heather:

And of course, there's always knitting-related reading happening here........

Here's a peek into my project notes............

Now for the real challenge - to find the time to get all these fun, new projects knitted!  Take-out for supper on a regular basis?  Earlier bed time for the Bachsters?  I'll figure something out!

Off to knit........

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