Sunday, January 16, 2011

Summer remembrances, midwinter

I attend a monthly camera club that is focused on nature photography.  At our monthly meetings, we have a print competition.  I almost always attend the meetings, and I always bring the maximum prints allowed......and I never win!  Well, last week, I submitted my 4 prints and I got 1st place & 3rd place!  Yay!  Seriously, that never happens!

Since I haven't been shooting much, I took in prints from over the summer.  I love looking at them right now, when it is so incredibly different outside from when I took them in August.  I'm starting to daydream about summer!

This is a female pondhawk, taken at Slate Run Metro park in Columbus, OH.  This was a very friendly dragonfly, allowing me to get in close for tons of shots.  She was not fazed at all with my lens in her face.  This photo also won 2nd place at the Metro Parks photo contest this Fall (advanced animals category).  I love all the green!

The photo that took 3rd place was a macro shot of Queen Anne's lace.  I took this in the evening shortly before sunset & I love the soft light in the photo....such summery light!

I'm starting to dream about backyard bugs and trips to the pool and eating popsicles on the deck.  But right now, we definitely have more icicles than popsicles! 

Back to reality....I'm off to find my wool sweater!

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