Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another FO!

You might think that I've been really busy knitting myself all sorts of goodies with all these posts about new Finished Objects!  The truth is, I'm using very bulky yarn & needles and my scarf (from last week) & my new hat (featured below) just flew off the needles!  Seriously, the hat took 2, maybe 3, hours to do!  Love that!

Do you like it?  It's a free pattern called Really Warm Hat by designer Melissa LaBarre.  And it is really warm.  I used the same Debbie Bliss Como as my scarf, so they sort of match.   Click here for my project notes (ravelry users).

I was thrilled to have yet another snowy day just when I needed it for photoshoot purposes.  It was just meant to be, I think!

And since I've been so shy about posting pics of myself, I thought I'd get over that & post one!

I could get used to all this instant-knitting-gratification - I might just start doing all my knitting with bulky yarn & huge needles.


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