Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Nook - Charlotte's Web

Lately, our oldest DD, who is 7, has been complaining about our book selections.  She seems to be getting at that stage where she is outgrowing picture books.  So I've been getting her lots of beginning chapter books at the library, but I also thought it would be fun to read the Bachsters some lengthier children's novels as well.  We started with this week's Book Nook, a children's classic that I remember reading when I was a kid.

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White is the story of a "Spring" pig named Wilbur who is befriended by a gray spider named Charlotte.  Wilbur learns from the other animals in the barn that he is going to be killed at Christmastime.  Charlotte assures Wilbur that she will come up with a plan to prevent this.  What she comes up with is "some" great idea!

I was a little worried to read this book to them because I thought the parts about the potential killing would be upsetting.  But none of the Bachsters seemed at all disturbed by it.  They really enjoyed the story and having me as their personal audiobook!  Every night at bedtime, they would beg me to read just one more chapter, pleeeeeeaaaase!  Music to this book-loving-Mama's ears!

Besides Wilbur and Charlotte, there are lots of other interesting characters in the story: Fern, Wilbur's original caretaker; Avery, Fern's overzealous brother; the geese, who repeat their words over and over; and Templeton, the rat who helps out, but only when he benefits as well.  The pace of the novel moves along nicely & is just right for young readers/listeners.

When asked what she liked about Charlotte's Web, my 5-year-old responded, "everything."  How's that for a recommendation!


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