Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

This evening, the Bachsters and I participated in Earth Hour, where you turn off all your lights for one hour to "take a stand against global climate change."  We actually did it a couple of years back too & when I logged on to our computer this morning and saw that the annual event was tonight, well, we just had to participate!

We did ours a little early since I didn't want to put the kids to bed by candlelight.  We lit tons of candles (with our creme brulee torch!) and sat by the candles & played & talked.  It was really fun!

We also had fun-with-low-light-photography.....I told the Bachsters to move around & I would try to take a "ghost" shot.  This picture was the girls' favorite - they couldn't stop laughing when they saw it.  Rainbow Heads is what they called it - quite descriptive!

It's really amazing how one room lit only by candlelight brings everyone together in a dark house.  And once everything is turned off (TVs, computers, phones...) we come together as a family & just enjoy each other's company.  Along with the environmental aspects of it, Earth Hour should be an every day occurrence just for the fact that it makes for good family fun!


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