Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life at Blacklick

Last weekend, the Bachs all went for a walk at Blacklick Woods metro park, one of our favorite parks in Central Ohio (you can read more about it at the Columbus Metro Parks website, here).  We visited the pond, the Nature Center and took a walk in the woods.  Everywhere we went, there were little critters & signs of life.  The sunny day was such a nice change of pace from all the rain we had been getting up to that point. 

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is dragonflies, so our first stop was Ashton Pond to see if they were out.  We only spotted one dragonfly in the distance, but there were several damselflies.

The Bachsters always love visiting the nature center, as there are turtles and fish and a snake to look at.  They have big viewing windows with lots of feeders, so you'll almost always be able to birdwatch.

Outside of the nature center there is a small butterfly garden.  Even if there are no butterflies in the garden (which there weren't on the day of our visit) there are usually some pretty flowers or a neat insect or a squirrel romping about.

While we didn't see a butterfly at the butterfly garden, we did see a skipper on the trail in the woods:

While we were at the park, we picked up the Summer edition of the park's magazine, ParkScope.  To my surprise, one of my shots was in this issue!  It's a shot of hikers at one of last year's Commit to Be Fit hikes.

Now, my goal is to get one of my nature shots in the magazine!

It was such a lovely day at Blacklick!


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