Sunday, June 19, 2011

A day at Inniswood

In celebration of Father's Day, and our 5-year-old's upcoming birthday, the Bachs spent a wonderful afternoon at our favorite local Metro Park, Inniswood (see link here & if you're in Central Ohio, I highly recommend a visit).  We had a picnic, then took a stroll among all the beautiful gardens.  It sprinkled on us a little, but that's ok because the I think the dreary clouds kept the weekend crowds away and made for better photography, too!

One of our favorite areas of Inniswood is the children's garden area, known as the Sister's Garden.  There are several components of this area, including a tree house and swinging bridge, a little cottage for kids to play in & and a "secret garden."  As we crossed a bridge to enter this area of the park, we saw a handful of damselflies.  We always see ebony jewelwings at Inniswood, and today was no exception.  I think they really like this particular area by the creek because we always see them there:


Now that I think about it, we have lots of areas of the park that are favorites.  Another one is the herb garden, especially this time of year when the lavender is thriving - the fragrance is unbelievably wonderful!  I could spend all day there, just me and the bumblebees!  I didn't catch the name of this interesting flower, but was struck by its beautiful blue/purple color:

I think the next shot is of an allium, although I forgot to look.  They are clustered around the entrance to the park.  Doesn't this crop make it look like a big firework?

It was a beautiful day spent with loved ones at one of my favorite places!  I hope you had a nice weekend, too!



  1. Thanks, shannonb - I figured you'd know! Next time you're in town, I hope you get a chance to visit Inniswood - it's so beautiful!