Sunday, June 12, 2011

My pattern in Petite Purls, Summer 2011

I have exciting news!

I have a knitted-toy pattern in the new issue of Petite Purls, which is now live!  Here's the link to my pattern, Miss Bojangles, a sweet tap dancer.  If you click on the "contents" tab, that will take you to the main page & you can see all the patterns.  This is a special toys-only issue and I'm so excited that my pattern is part of it!

Photo Copyright Brandy Fortune 2011
Miss Bojangles is knit flat, then the pieces are sewn up.  This is how I prefer to knit & design, as opposed to knitting in the round or on dpns (double pointed needles).  Maybe one day I'll convert over, but I just enjoy working on straight needles more.  Fewer needles to keep track of, I guess.

The good thing about knitting flat is usually the instructions are easier for newbies to understand.  Miss Bojangles is a pretty easy pattern to knit & as long as you know basic increasing & decreasing, you should be set.

Here's a side shot, which is the main picture for the pattern:

 Photo Copyright Brandy Fortune 2011

The shoes are really what makes the pattern, I think...she wouldn't be a tap dancer without her special shoes!  Each shoe gets 2 buttons, sewn on the bottom.  They actually make a little tapping noise when you play with her, too!

Photo Copyright Brandy Fortune 2011

I also really love the hair tie.  Our Bach Girls are always losing hair ties, and knitted hair ties are so easy to make, you can just knit one up in no time.  Knitted hair ties are a great way to use up some stash yarn, too.  Of course, Miss Bojangles sports her very own hair tie, matching her modern hanky-hem tunic.  She's ready to dance, in style!

 Photo Copyright Brandy Fortune 2011

As you can see by the copyright info, I did not take the pictures that were in the issue - Brandy Fortune of Petite Purls took the shots of all the projects for this special issue.  I love the saturated colors and the unified look this gave the projects.  However, I do have some shots that I took earlier in the Spring & I'll try to get them up on the blog in the next few days.  The more shots you have of a knitted project that you are working on, the better, I say!

Needless to say, I'm so excited about my first published pattern!  Please check out the link to Petite Purls and all the adorable toys in this issue.  I'm thrilled to be part of it!


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