Friday, July 22, 2011

Magical Hocking Hills

Last weekend, DH & I took the Bachsters and my wonderful sister-in-law to Hocking Hills for a little day trip.  We went there last year at this same time (see the post about it here), so we joked that it was like a Hocking Hills reunion!

The Hocking area is so beautiful & we're fortunate to have it within a quick drive from our home.  Yet, despite being so close, it's really worlds away.  The scenery is gorgeous, with waterfalls, forests, gorges, cliffs, and lots of insects we don't see everyday.  So many neat insects!  While we were there, we saw a click beetle, a few types of butterflies, two types of millipede, a cicada that let the Bachsters hold it........and these little magical creatures.  I have no idea what they are, but they are like floating fluffballs.  I really wish I had taken some macro shots of these little fairies, because they are so fascinating:

Everywhere we looked, it was green and lush, with ferns and moss covering everything:

This is actually a reflection in the creek - the water was so clear.  When we first set out on our hike, we saw a neat water snake and admired him from afar (the best way):

Our hike took us along the bottom of a gorge, and the light coming in was so beautiful, shafts of light peeking in through the treetops at the rim.  In some areas, it was almost a spotlight, as this butterfly discovered:

This shot sort of sums up our excursion: look around in awe & climb over stuff:

It's so interesting when ferns or plants grow in little nooks & crannies in a rock, or on the side of a cliff or some other inhospitable spot.  If given just a small amount of encouragement, they will find a way:

It was really a wonderful day & we all promised ourselves that it won't be an entire year until we get back again!

Hope you have a fun excursion planned for the weekend!


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