Saturday, July 10, 2010

Franklin Park Conservatory

Hi readers,

Today, the Bachs went to the Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus, Ohio for the opening day of their carnivorous plant exhibit.  Our oldest has really been into this book called Plants Bite Back!  (DK Readers: Plants Bite Back! (Level 3: Reading Alone) so we decided to take the Bachsters there to see these plants in real life that we've been reading about.

Because it was the opening day, the FPC had a few extra activities planned, one being the Bugman.  He had all sorts of neat insects, like giant hissing cockroaches and a big praying mantis.  He also had quite a collection of tarantulas and black widow spiders.  And the best part was, the kids could hold most of the bugs (well, not the black widows, obviously)!  Here are a couple of pics of the Bachsters with bugs:

Our 6 year old daughter held the tarantula several times, actually - she just kept getting back in line.  Little Guy, who is almost 3, held a tarantula too!  And my DH held one!  But our 5 year old daughter did her mom!  By the way, here is the link to the Bugman's website - he was great personality & I hope we can attend more of his presentations.

We saw all sorts of great carnivorous plants at the exhibit - Venus flytraps, pitcher plants and sundew plants especially.  Here are a few pictures of the "Savage Gardens:"

The Conservatory (link to their website is here) is also known for their Dale Chihuly glass sculptures and their butterfly exhibit.  Here are a few pics of those:

We just had such a great time while we were there!  I hope you & your family were able to have some family fun this weekend, too!


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