Friday, January 6, 2012

Art week - art class exhibit

This Fall, our oldest DD took a 10-week Saturday morning art class at the Columbus College of Art and Design (DH joked that she should get college credit for the class.....she's 8).  I ended up waiting for her in an adjacent room for most of her classes, so I got to listen in, too.  I have only positive things to say about it - the teachers were great, the instruction perfect for 2nd graders, the projects all were varied and fun.  I loved that in each class, a different art technique was discussed, and they taught the students about a famous artist who used that particular style.  DD really enjoyed the class and she has given me the ok to share some of her artwork with you!

I think this watercolor painting is my favorite.  That week, they discussed Grant Wood and his stylistic way of painting.  And here is a picture of the artist herself with her masterpiece:

The focus of the next project was drawing with Sharpies, combined with watercolors.  This painting has been sold to her Aunt - DD is happy to tell everyone that she's now a professional artist!

One week, the class discussed The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  This torn-paper collage is meant to invoke the same look as the story.  DD said she made her person with a dollar bill, because they are going shopping:

DD especially loves to draw, so I think she really enjoyed the class on drawing a cartoon-lion:

At the last class of the semester, the kids learned about kinetic art.  DD was thrilled to show her brother & sister and classmates at school how to create a pecking crow out of a square of black construction paper.  In addition, they also made these cool birds with movement, thanks to the pennies on the wings:

Now, I think we need to invest in some frames for all this amazing art!


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