Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Art Week - a visit to the Columbus Museum of Art

When the Bachsters were on break from school for the holidays, we all went to the Columbus Museum of Art for an afternoon of artsy-entertainment.  We've been meaning to check out the museum all Fall, and I'm so glad that we finally had a good excuse to go!

The first thing we did is have a long discussion that you are to only look at the art - no touching!  And if there are any ropes keeping you a certain distance from the wall - stay behind them.  And remember don't touch anything!

 Fortunately, our Bachsters are good listeners and didn't touch anything, but we spotted a little boy touching one of the paintings for a few moments before his Dad caught sight of him!  Touching anything in this exhibit might have had disastrous consequences:

They wavy-shapes were made of glass and were supposed to represent gondolas from the artist's home city of Venice, Italy.  The effect was more like gentle waves, I thought.

We had some chats about portrait art before the advent of photography, and discussed why there's nudity in art (to some giggles and pointing).  We also tried to point out the age of some of the work ("this painting is over 400 years old!").  And as much as the Bachsters liked perusing through the different galleries, they really enjoyed the creative space just for kids, where they ran around, making their own forts out of cloth, snakes with clay and assembling crazy wooden animals:

I hope we can visit CMA again soon for more creative inspiration!


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