Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Nook - Castle in the Air

Computer related tragedy has struck the Bach household....a couple of weeks ago my drive with all my pics crashed, and then last week the rest of the computer followed suit. So, I find myself texting this week's Book Nook to you. Needless to say, I'm afraid I won't be my normal chatty self - I'm just not that patient with typing with one finger! Also, I should mention that I am not currently driving or operating any heavy machinery whilst texting you book details!

About which: Castle in the Air, written by Diana Wynne Jones is described as a companion book to Howl's Moving Castle:

This story features a young hero named Abdullah,a rug merchant with vivid daydreams that he is actually a lost prince. A mysterious stranger sells him a magic carpet, which flies him to the palace of the princess of his dreams, named Flower in the Night. But an evil djinn snatches Flower, leading Abdullah on a great adventure to faraway places in order to find her.

If you enjoyed Howl's Moving Castle, you'll like this story too. Jones uses a lot of the same style of humor and it's fast paced too. A few original characters make surprise appearances in clever, unexpected ways.

The book on CD, like Howl's, is read by Jenny Sterlin. If you listen to audio books, you're in for a treat.

OK, so how's that for brevity?


By the way, I hope to be back up & blogging again soon. I'll keep you posted.

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