Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day, our way

Birthdays around the Bach house never last only one day, so it is fitting that Earth Day is the same way around here.  I had envisioned getting out in the community for Earth Day, but on the weekend that all the activities were taking place, it was cold & rainy in Central Ohio.  So, we've been doing some other earthy-things to celebrate Earth Day, all in a laid back, Bach-style.

The other day, I noticed that there was a goose family in the neighborhood next to ours with little goslings, and was excited to take the Bachsters there so we could see their fuzzy cuteness.  How is goose-watching related to Earth Day, you might ask.  I think that nature-related activities can only help get your kids excited about the environment and want to help protect it.  So, off to watch the geese we went!

I always try to get the Bachsters some non-fiction books from the library, and was especially happy to find this book about what happens to our trash....and was even happier when I found DD reading it, and then asking if she can re-use by making some crafty things out of items in our recycling.  Yes!

Speaking of recycling, we always have a pile of it to go into our local recycling bins.  I don't mind doing the tiny bit of extra work to gather the recycling and drop it off.  It's so easy to do & I always feel so happy & "earth-loving" after we drop off recycling.

I hope you had a great Earth Day last weekend.  Have you been doing any Earth-friendly activities to celebrate?


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