Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Cascade yarn

The other day, I had new yarn waiting for me on my doorstep, so I thought I'd share some pics of the yarn goodness, and tell you about the projects I have coming up.

First up....sock yarn!  I've never knit socks before & it's about time I give them a try.  I realized recently that I've never knit anything for my poor DH.  The Bachsters all have knitted goodies, I have a few, but not him.  So, he will be getting a pair of wool socks, hopefully not too wonky, knit in Cascade Heritage Sock yarn, the color is called mossy rock:

When Cascade 220 went on a good sale recently at WEBS, I had to get a couple more skeins to go with a leftover in my stash.  With them, I intend to try Brambles, a slouchy hat with cables (another first for me...cables).  And of course, find a nice matching scarf pattern, or make one up.  My 3 skeins of 220 (color: jet) should be plenty for all that.

Another first for 2012: a sweater, for me!  I've only knit a couple of garments, both vests for Little Dude.  I'm going to knit myself the ever-popular Shalom cardigan (sorry - you've got to be a ravelry member to get that link) - I'll do mine with sleeves since I'm always freezing in Winter.  I really went back and forth on the color, but finally decided on two skeins of Cascade Eco + (also on a great sale at WEBS) - the color is called Summer Sky Heather.  At first it was a little more blue-green than I was expecting, but it's growing on me.

I have a sad story to share about that skein of Eco +.  I have learned the hard way that puppies and balls of yarn do not go well together.  The other morning, Ranger woke everyone up early - he must have been ready to play.  A few minutes after Little Dude went downstairs, he came back up & said, "Mommy, Ranger's getting into your yarn."  When I came downstairs, the skein that I had wound into a neat ball the day before was spread out all over the floor, in a great heap of knots.  All 478 yards of it!  Lesson learned: just because the dog ignores your yarn sitting on the ottoman during the day, doesn't mean he can resist the temptation in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone is asleep.

Needless to say, all my new yarn is now under lock and key!


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