Saturday, April 21, 2012

The farm

Last week, the Bach family visited Slate Run Historical Farm, here in Central Ohio.  It was a gorgeous Spring day, and we all wanted to get outside - and see the baby animals at the farm!

We were lucky, they were having sheep shearing that day.  Done 1880s style, with hand-cranked shears, it was really interesting to see.  The farmer really flopped the sheep all around, and she didn't mind......until he accidentally nicked her ear.  Ouch!  But the Bachsters really enjoyed watching the shearing, and they all got to take home a little ball of the sheep's wool.  Ranger went crazy when he smelled it!

As we were watching the sheep shearing, another farmer brought over a piglet for the crowd to see and pet.  He explained that this little guy is the runt.  I think DD's face in this picture is so funny - what is she thinking, I wonder? {I asked her about it, and she said she was squinting because the sun was so bright.}

Moving on to other baby animals, we all got to pet a 2-week-old lamb, held by one of the farm volunteers.  He was so sweet, and bleated when he heard his mama calling.

The farm has games from the 1880s by the farmhouse, and the Bachsters always love trying the stilts.  DD is getting pretty good!

We'll have to go back soon - maybe we'll see goslings or ducklings next time.  There's always something new to see at the farm!


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