Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Nook: The El Paso Chile Company Margarita Cookbook

The El Paso Chile Company Margarita Cookbook by W. Park Kerr:

I'm about to share a big secret with you: my favorite margarita recipe.  Back in the day, I would make homemade, frosty margaritas at parties and gatherings whenever I could.  I became somewhat known for them.  Now that I'm a bit older, and a bit more parental, I don't make my favorite marg very much (well, ever) but a few nights ago, we went out to celebrate DH's birthday, and I had a frosty margarita with dinner.  It got me thinking about my mini-bartender days and about the perfect recipe, from the Margarita Cookbook.

So, here's the secret: page 29, My Frosty Frozen Margaritas.  Use a top quality tequila.  Have some friends over.  Enjoy!  

I'm not sure why I've been stingy with certain recipes: my favorite margarita, or my buckeye ball recipe, for instance.  But I recently read this book, in which the author encourages us to share recipes because every recipe is really just a tweaking of another, and the more we share, the more we learn, and the more great food we all get to enjoy.  So true!

Anyway, back to the cookbook: besides the frosty margarita recipe, I've also made the margarita 101 recipe (but I like the frosty one better).  It's a good, classic recipe & you can't go wrong if that's where you start.  There are also some really great-sounding fruity margarita recipes, like watermelon or pineapple.  I've not tried them, but they sound great.  The book also has recipes for tequila cocktails - the Pink Limeade and the El Toro Blanco are calling to me.  And there are chapters for little meals and desserts too (margarita pie, anyone?).

Many of the recipes have photos, all of which will make you want to have that drink now!  The photos give some great ideas on how to garnish your concoction, so your drink will have serious verve.

This book is one that I own, but it has been sitting on my cookbook shelf for the longest time.  I think it's about time to dust it off and start making some seriously good margaritas and cocktails for the hot days of summer.  And now that you know the secret, you can too.


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