Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {strawberry}

I'll be honest - I never eat strawberry ice cream.  If we go out for ice cream, or if I buy some at the store, I'm definitely a chocolate or mint or pumpkin or cinnamon or coffee kind of girl.  Not strawberry.  But, Little Dude asked for strawberry ice cream to go with his birthday cake a couple of weeks ago, so strawberry it is.  What a pleasant surprise to find out that I love it!

David Lebovitz, I am sorry to say that I did not use any of your strawberry recipes from The Perfect Scoop.  Don't worry - I will in the near future.  For Little Dude's special ice cream request, I wanted a rich & creamy ice cream - this recipe uses 9 (!) egg yolks!  And rich and creamy it is.  The recipe is from Karen DeMasco's excellent The Craft of Baking, which I discovered from David Lebovitz's blog - so, I think he would be fine with my straying ways!

Anyway, back to the ice cream - did I mention how rich and creamy it is?  I already did?  Well, it is so delicious - rich, creamy, sweet, strawberry-y.  Sooo good.  I might try it without the chunks of strawberry next time (oh yes....there will definitely be a next time).  They weren't icy per se, but close to it.  Maybe I could omit the strawberry chunks and add a yummy strawberry sauce.  Or maybe hot fudge.  I am, after all, a chocolate girl.  And now, a strawberry girl, as well.


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