Friday, March 15, 2013

A sliver of summer

Last weekend, the weather was crazy-warm.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to get out with the Bachsters and I'm so glad we did because a few days later, it was back in the 30s.  But at least for one day, it was like a little bit of summer.

We explored Blacklick, one of our favorite Metro Parks in Columbus.

We went to the pond first, and saw a turtle and some goldfish.  No dragonflies yet, but I am so ready (and so is my camera)!

After the pond, DH and the Bachsters had a snowball fight in the parking lot.  Did I mention it was almost 70 degrees?

We also hiked in the woods a bit, visited the park's nature center, played on the playground and then went to Graeter's for ice cream.

Just like summer.........only it was winter!


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