Friday, July 23, 2010

At the farm

Hi readers,

Today, the Bachsters and I went to Slate Run Living Historical Farm, located in Canal Winchester, Ohio.  Everything at the farm re-creates life in the 1880's.  All the animals and types of food grown on the farm are kinds that they had during that time period.  Workers wear period costumes and do chores as they were done in the 1880s (men work with the draft horses, women work in the summer kitchen).  It's really a fascinating place & we always love to visit.  Here is the link to Columbus Metro Park's website & info about the farm, if you're interested.

As you walk down the lane to get to the farm, the first thing you come across are the chickens.  My kids always get such a kick out of watching them run around & hearing them cluck.  We also visited a little coop where they had all the baby chicks.  Here is a pic of a rooster on the farm - I was really interested in his red eyes:

I think every time we've visited the farm, they have laundry up drying.  I really need these farm ladies to come to my house & lend me a hand:

See that little building past the clothes line?  That's the root cellar & as we walked up to it, I saw a snake head in the doorway!  The snake was not moving at all & I had flashbacks to Harry Potter & the Movolo family in book 6!  I was studying this snake so long, yet I didn't even think to take a picture (which is rare for me, I'm snap-happy).  Finally, it slithered back into its little hole right above the doorway.  Later, I asked one of the volunteers about it & she said that it is a black rat snake & he lives above the ceiling of the root cellar & occasionally pops out.  It was so strange & unexpected to see this wild snake, just right there!

One of the highlights of our day on the farm were the sheep.  They were right at one of the gates & the kids had a blast petting them & feeding them grass & crown veg (which later we learned is a no-no on the farm - no feeding the animals!).

Here is a picture of the barn, taken from the sheep-petting, illegal-feeding vicinity:

I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but one of my absolute favorite subjects to photograph (besides the Bachsters) are dragonflies.  This isn't a particularly great shot, but it's a neat dragonfly, I think it's a female Eastern Pondhawk:

If you do go to Slate Run, also check out the rest of the park.  They have a beautiful little lake/big pond (not sure which it is, honestly), which is perfect for aforementioned dragonfly photography & general bug-spotting.  It's called Buzzard's Roost.  Also, by Buzzard's Roost is a nice playground which our kids love.  There's also Slate Run Wetlands, also great for photography & enjoying nature.  There's also a covered bridge at the park.  I know I sound like an ad, but I think it's one of the best metro parks in Columbus.  Oh, they also have an annual Fall Festival that we've been to, which is a lot of fun.  OK, I'll stop plugging Slate Run (for now)!

Have a nice weekend!

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