Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More yarn for the stash

Hi readers,

Yesterday, the Bachsters and I went to Yarnmarket to get more yarn for the stash!  I have 2 projects going right now: the surprise birthday toy for my 5 year old (sadly, I am still working on it, a month after her birthday) and my big "umbrella" project that I have already mentioned and shared a picture of my ripped-out attempt.  I promise that once these projects are all done, I'll share the pictures.  But until then, I'll just have to show you the yarns as a teaser!

So, we purchased Muench's Touch Me yarn for the birthday project.  It's so incredibly soft and perfectly monikered.  I only need a tiny bit, so I'll have to think of another project to use up about 75% of one ball.  A teeny-tiny scarf perhaps?

The other purchase we made was Berroco's Pure Merino.  I really like this yarn a lot.  It's soft, thick and I imagine would be very warm.  And I'll have some leftovers to work with on this one, too.  Hmmm....maybe another scarf?  Our scarf box is already starting to overflow!

Here's a pic of the yarn, just raring to go!

Now, the only problem is to find the time to knit!

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