Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Nook - Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

The other day, Little Guy & I were at the park & we saw some of the first leaves of autumn falling.  I commented on this & he said, "poor little trees."  I couldn't help but think of this week's book.....

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is a sweet book about a little fox who has some serious concerns about his favorite tree.  As autumn turns the leaves to brown, and then they start to fall, Fletcher worries that his tree is sick and does everything he can to help it.  His efforts include tying leaves back on the branches, calling for help loudly & tucking the last leaf into bed to make sure it is safe & sound.

The story is rather soft & gentle and the illustrations mirror the tone nicely.  I love that you can actually see the texture of the watercolor paper - it's as if you are holding the original.  The colors are soft & muted & lovely.  And our main character's illustrations are as sweet & cute as his personality.  There's also a nice, sparkly surprise at the end.

There are 2 more Fletcher books, apparently - a Spring-related one and a Christmas-related one.  I haven't read them, but I would love to check them out.  I love trees, & I would be happy to share a book (or in this case, all 3 Fletcher books) about trees & how cool they are with my Bachsters.

By the way, on a little side note, I realize this is Tuesday & Book Nook is a Monday tradition.  All I can say is, the dog ate my homework!

I hope you are enjoying the first weeks of Autumn!

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