Saturday, October 2, 2010

More French Week

French Week has been somewhat postponed this week due to a technical difficulty - I've maxed out our computer with my pictures!  So, I've been saving them onto disks and deleting, but honestly, I'm a delete-phobe.  That's what got me into this predicament in the first place!  I'm happy to report that I've cleared enough space to save some of my French week photos & share them here......quelle joie!

On day 3 of our Paris trip (9 years ago), DH and I did the following: visited Napoleon's tomb & Les Invalides museum, visited the Rodin museum, went to Rue Cler & went all the way up the Eiffel Tower!  Another busy & fabulous day!

Here's a pic from Les Invalides museum:

There were hundreds of suits of armor at this museum, so if you are at all interested in that sort of thing, I definitely recommend going.  It was so interesting to see all of the detail that went into the armor.  Also interesting was the size - many of them were quite small!  There were a couple of rooms in which they had all the suits of armor just lined up, sort of staring at you - very cool!

We headed over to the Rodin Museum next, which is housed in the artist's home.  It was really beautiful & you can wander around among all the sculptures inside & out.  The Thinker is there, as well as a great view of the Eiffel Tower.

I don't have a great photo of Rue Cler to share, but if you go to Paris, you must go there!  It's just a street with lots of little food shops, but it is so...."authentic" is the best word.  You will come across lots of nice people who cannot speak English at all.  You will get a glimpse of real Paris, not the touristy one.  We also got the best meal of the trip at Rue Cler - a crusty baguette, some French wine, some cheese & chocolates.  We ate it in our hotel room that night and it was divine!

Speaking of wine, I popped open a bottle of wine earlier this week in celebration of France.  It's Red Bicyclette & I just got it at my local grocery store.  But it's good & it is French!

Little Guy & I went to La Chatelaine a few days ago - they are a French bakery/bistro/restaurant here in Columbus, OH.  They have the best croissants, which are a must when one celebrates French week, n'est-ce pas?

We took some home to the Bach Haus, but they didn't last long.  We also got a napoleon (also a must for the occasion) as well as a chocolate mouse, which caused some trouble when it was revealed that he was to be divided up!

All week, we've been listening to some vintage French music from a CD called Vive la France.  The Bachsters really seem to like it, which proves that they got my French-lovin' genes.  The songs are all from the 1930s & 40s.  One of my favorites is Bel Ami by Tino Rossi.  My 5 year old commented that they were singing about a fairy & I had to explain that no, it's Paris, except in France they say it like pear-eeeee.  Fairy - isn't that cute!

I told DH the other day that we need to start saving up now, because I want to go back!


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