Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A plethora of pumpkin treats

This time of year, I can't help but make homemade pumpkin goodies.  And I've been cranking them out lately!  Here are a few of the pumpkin desserts & dishes I've made this Fall:

This is the pumpkin bread I mentioned a few posts ago.  It is so yummy - and the recipe makes 2 loaves, which makes the Bachs happy.  I just finished the last of it this morning, with cream cheese on it.  So good!

These are pumpkin pancakes!  They are really easy to make and smell wonderful as you are preparing & cooking them.  I've been making these so much lately that one of the Bachsters said "pumpkin pancakes, again?" the other morning.  It was said as a comment & not a complaint, because no one ever complains about pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!

I modified this recipe for rigatoni with pumpkin and bacon to make it vegetarian.  It's still really great & is one pumpkin recipe that I really look forward to making every Fall.  I stock up on a few pie pumpkins because I know I'll want to make it more than once.

All of the above recipes are from Martha Stewart.  Thanks Martha - these recipes are keepers!

Pumpkin ice cream is also on my Fall must-have list, but I can't make it at home since my ice cream maker broke.  Last year on my birthday, I treated myself to pumpkin ice cream at Jeni's - I think I just might make that an annual tradition!

What pumpkin treats do you enjoy in the Fall?  Let me know, as I am always on the search for excellent pumpkin goodies!


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