Thursday, October 27, 2011

Annual Metro Parks photo contest

I'm happy to announce that my DD, age 6, won 3rd place in the children's category in the annual Columbus Metro Parks photo contest!  Her shot was of Queen Anne's lace, taken at my SIL's pond.  I was at the judging, and the judges commented that her shot was very sharp, a fact that she has been repeating to anyone who will listen.  She's very proud of her achievement, as are we all in the Bach family.  I think we have a budding photographer on our hands (yay - a good excuse for more equipment)!

Here she is, proudly gazing at her ribbon:

For the record, she took the picture all by herself - no help from her photog-loving Mama!  I threw the camera into auto, but she selected the subject, crop, etc. all on her own.  In fact, I was off at another spot by the pond, so she really did make all the decisions about the shot.  I'm so proud of her!

I also entered the contest and got a 2nd place ribbon in the black & white category:

My shot is of a trio of spiderwebs, taken one morning after the spiders had been busy.  In fact, my DD looked out her window that morning and exclaimed that is was a spider family reunion!

All the entries in the contest (232 total) will be on display this weekend at Highbanks Metro Park, and then also the following weekend at Blacklick Woods.  If you live in the Columbus area, check it out (here's the link to their website for directions and information about the parks).

Yes, I foresee many more requests to borrow my camera at this point!


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