Saturday, October 22, 2011

The OEC Green Gala

I just got back from the the OEC Green Gala, their annual dinner and awards ceremony.  I was invited to attend because two of my pictures made runner up in their annual photo contest.

The awards ceremony was really interesting, with awards ranging from lifetime environmental achievement to a "one-to-watch" winner.  An environmental-law dream team, a journalist and a concerned parent were among some of the winners of the various awards.  One award that moved me was the youth & education award, given to an 11-year-old named Erek Hansen, a recycling crusader in Toledo, Ohio.  Thanks to Erek, thousands of blue jeans have been recycled for use as housing insulation.  And he has turned his attention to recycling shoes as well, saving thousands of pairs from landfills.  Check out his website, Eco Erek.  Congrats to Erek, and all the others who work so hard for our environment.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

All the entries in the photo contest were displayed in the room - here's a shot of mine:

In addition to the awards ceremony and dinner, they had a silent auction to benefit the OEC.  Here's my other entry (the blue dasher dragonfly), framed and ready for bids:

I really hope both of my prints sold in the auction - I would love for my photography to help out the OEC and the great environmental work they do.

Being around so many people who care for and fight for the environment was very inspiring!


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