Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dawes Arboretum - part 2

In early November, the Bachsters and I took a trip out to Dawes Arboretum to explore & enjoy a beautiful Fall day.   Here is the first post about our adventures.  Dawes is a very large arboretum & our time was limited, so we had to narrow down what we really wanted to see the most.  I had my preferences & the Bachsters each had their own, of course.  But, since it was just a couple of weeks after Halloween, and they had spooky things still in mind, they all wanted to see the cemetery at Dawes.

We've driven past this cemetery many times - every time we've been to Dawes, as a matter of fact, because it's right on the main road through the arboretum.  But we've never stopped to visit before - and I'm so glad that we did on this excursion, because it is a beautiful old cemetery, rich with history.

I was expecting to see the graves of the Dawes family (those are actually located at a different part of the land, close to the Dawes home).  This is a very old cemetery, with some of Licking county's first settlers buried here, as well as some Revolutionary War veterans.  The "new" tombstones, the ones you could actually read, were from the mid-to-late 1800s.

I'm so intrigued by old cemeteries, and I think this one deserves another visit.  It's relatively small, which is great because you really feel like you can explore all that is here.  I'm sure many, many visitors to Dawes just drive by, as we always have before.  I think this fascinating little area of Ohio's history is worth visiting again and again.


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