Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey, Santa!

Every year, our local library hosts a day with Santa Claus, with live music, crafts for the kids and a chance to visit with Santa.  It's always a lot of fun - I'm so grateful for our library for having such a great event!

For the past few days, the Bachsters have been revising and finalizing their Christmas lists to give to Santa.  And bright and early this morning, the 6-year old woke up to decide which fancy dress would be best for the occasion, and to get her new fancy dress shoes all ready.  Yes, there has been a great deal of excitement over meeting Santa today!

When we pulled up to the library's parking lot, Santa was right behind us - being escorted in a police car (but in a good way).  As Santa walked up to the building, our oldest DD ran up to him and gave him a big hug - it was so sweet!  Followed right behind her were the other two - yes, they really love Santa!

And of course, they sat on Santa's lap, and gave him their lists and drawings they had made for him:

(I know, the flash, the flash!  But I didn't want to miss the shot & the indoor lighting there is not the best)

After we visited with Santa, we headed over to the kids area of the library to do some crafts and games:

Our oldest said today that for Christmas, she would like Christmas to actually come a little earlier than the 25th - she said she just can't wait that long!

Are you doing any fun holiday activities this weekend?

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