Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {pistachio}

The word I would use to describe this ice cream is not one that you would typically use for a chilly dessert: warm.  The flavor of the toasted pistachios is comforting, complex and, well, warm.

The recipe I used is from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, an ice cream cookbook that I'm loving right now.  The recipe only uses the essence of the pistachios, having you strain them out before churning.  This imparts the wonderful flavor of the pistachios without all the crunchiness (actually, I've read that pistachios get soggy in ice cream).  And what an amazing flavor it is!  I was so surprised by it, and now it's way up on my list of favorite flavors (this list is getting a little out of control).  And like many of my favorite flavors, I think this one is best on its own: no hot fudge or caramel sauce here, please, although a homemade ice cream cone might be nice.  I must try that.


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