Friday, November 9, 2012

Our October

There were so many fun activities we did in October that I had every intention of writing about on my blog, but for some reason or another never got a chance.  So, I thought I'd go ahead and share some pics from our October, even though they may be just a tiny bit late. 

Little Dude and I went to Slate Run Historical Farm early in the month for a field trip with his preschool class.  It was cold that day, but lots of fun:

Pumpkin pancakes are one of our favorite breakfast treats in the Fall.  I've already made them several times this season.  Recipe from Martha.

Our oldest DD won second place in the children's category of this year's Columbus Metro Parks photo contest!  I didn't win anything this year, which is ok because this was her year.  She was so excited when she got her ribbon that she took it in to school to show her teacher!

After viewing the photo contest pictures, we hiked around Inniswood, our favorite park.  It's so beautiful there in the Fall:

We discovered a field nearby where Ranger can run around, and there are always deer.  Of course, his favorite activity is chasing deer!  This shot, while obviously a big unintentional blur, is kind of neat, the more you look at it.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself:

We were fortunate that Hurricane Sandy only brought strong winds and some light snow to Central Ohio.  The kids had a blast playing in the snow before school that day:

And of course, there was Trick or Treat.  This year, we had a goth princess, a dementor from Harry Potter & Commander Cody from Star Wars Clone Wars.  And it was a chilly, rainy, cold beggars night, so the Bachsters were back home in a flash, content to eat their goodies in the warm, dry house and let our jack o'lanterns brave the cold instead:

We had a nice October - I hope you did, too.


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