Friday, November 16, 2012

T-shirt yarn

Every Fall, I get the urge to break out the knitting needles and make warm sweaters and scarves and hats.  This Fall is no exception; however, before I get to those sweaters and scarves and hats, I need to finish my less-comfy project in the works: a rug made with t-shirt yarn.

This project stemmed from the seemingly endless supply of t-shirts we have around here.  I was thinking about donating them to a local charity, and have been keeping a box full of old t-shirts for that purpose.  But then I started seeing some really neat knitted things that use t-shirt yarn.  I love the idea of "upcycling" or repurposing things, so that big box of t-shirts was put to good use: t-shirt yarn!

I found a very easy tutorial on you tube.  You basically cut about an inch of fabric around and around your t-shirt until you get to the sleeves.  I use the printed part of the shirt as well, since it usually will curl up just fine and I think it'll give my finished rug some extra do-it-yourself charm.  I've been making balls out of our light-colored shirts first, then if the project goes well & the momentum is still there, I'll make another rug with our dark shirts.  We need a rug in the kitchen, one by the garage door that leads into the house and some rugs in the Bachsters' bathroom.  With that high demand, I suspect I'm going to need every old t-shirt we've got!

My only complaint about t-shirt yarn is what do you do with the sleeves and upper part of the t-shirt?  I've got a big "rag bag" full of them, and still have more t-shirts to cut up.  If you know of a good project using these parts of the t-shirt, please share it with me.  Sleeve sachet sacks?  Quickie car cleaner?  I'm open to suggestions!

Check back, because once my rug(s) are finished, I'll post pics here!


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